Company Culture

Why You Need to Develop a World-Class Company Culture for Your Small Business

Company culture can make all the difference when it comes to retaining employees and keeping them motivated. Having a defined company culture gives your employees something to be enthusiastic about and proud of. Providing an environment your staff enjoys can help to improve their performance each and every day. We’ll look at why you need to develop a world-class company culture for your small business in this article.

Company Culture

As the voice of your business, company culture is a reflection of your organization, and your employees are key to ensuring that it succeeds. This should be the beliefs and behaviors that influence employees and leadership interactions and how they handle business transactions. It embodies the core values of your company that each team member emulates.

You should create a culture where successes can be celebrated, where people look forward to coming to work every day, and don’t want to leave at night. You want to be a high-energy, fast-growth, innovative, fun company that’s a great place to work, and you want other people to notice. Overall, your culture should promote having fun while ensuring work gets done.

What do outsiders or visitors notice about your workspace? Is it the energy? Your employees should be excited and celebrate their successes. Let them do it big and do it right and add special personal touches. Part of that energy should be the excitement provided for and by your employees each day, not just on special days. For example, have a small gesture like a wave or a high five at a specific time of day all employees participate in. Timing it with the afternoon slump is a good motivator and mood booster for the rest of the day. 


A thriving company culture is built when everyone in the company shares the same vision for the company. Each person is clear about how what they do contributes to that vision becoming a reality. When everyone at the company in all levels has a sense of that purpose, the company culture thrives.

Every company’s culture should center on positivity. Your company should be about maintaining a positive mental attitude and constant encouragement. You must strive every day to have a positive attitude. To do this you must surround yourself with positive people.

To create successful company culture, celebrate the company’s desired behaviors. Oftentimes, leaders and managers tend to focus upon what isn’t working rather than what’s going right. Focusing on negatives doesn’t motivate or create thriving company culture. What’s acclaimed in a company will thrive. 


When you make your business model about revenue as opposed to people, your culture becomes about competition as opposed to efficiency. People must be at the center of a properly developed, effective company culture. If you don’t make your culture about humanity by implementing theory-driven models you are missing the mark. Because productivity leads to revenue, happy, supported people are more focused and productive. 


Because it shapes your corporate identity, culture is vital to your organization and therefore your growth, paving the way for success and a lasting legacy. When it becomes apparent company culture is making a positive impact within your employees and even the community, then you know it is working. You can build on your team’s will to move forward and achieve your company’s goals, when you have a foundation built on your unique culture.

Exceptional company culture allows you to recruit and retain extraordinary employees. Having the proper momentum, culture and teamwork create the opportunities to build your business’ legacy and reach its financial as well as longevity goals.