What Being an Entrepreneur Means to Me and My Company

So you have a dream to open a business. The only way that dream will become reality is if you take action and make it so. Entrepreneurship is a route to this goal. Working a job for someone else is extremely unlikely to help you achieve your dream of owning a company and making a name for yourself in business.

Becoming an entrepreneur might seem like a scary and high-risk taking journey, with good reason. But to some, this unpredictable adventure seems like the perfect path that their life should take. Entering the unknown world of business is probably the only way that people who are dissatisfied with their jobs can change their circumstances and be successful. Here’s what being an entrepreneur means to me and my company.


While leadership, of course, comes with challenges, being responsible is good. But even better than just being responsible is developing a reputation as someone who is leading the way for their company and those involved in that company is unmeasurably rewarding. Keep your ego in check, stay focused, and make sure that you deliver on promises to both staff and clients.

Schedule/Dress Code Flexibility

While most days come with a regular schedule, having the ability to dictate when you work, when your business hours are, when you’re available for meetings, etc., is a freedom unparalleled. If you want to take the afternoon off, you can. It’s impossible to indulge those “playing hooky” impulses working for someone else. What’s more, you can create the dress code for yourself and your employees. You don’t have to wear what someone else’s idea of professional is.


Work where you’re most comfortable: home, a coffee shop, or on a beach when you don’t have to be present at HQ. Location independence is a considerable perk for entrepreneurs and the company if the flexibility carries through to all employees as well.


The ability to be able to pick and choose who to do business with, is one of the major benefits of being an entrepreneur. You won’t have to be stressed out by catering to clients that drive you nuts. You won’t have to work with employees that either don’t deliver, or you don’t get along with. Creating a team with the right people is key to a happy working relationship, and as the boss you’re in charge of the hiring process. You’ll know immediately if employment candidates are a good fit for you and your company.


As an entrepreneur you’ll now enjoy the freedom to create your own opportunities by doing things like attending conventions, networking with like-minded people online and much more. Networking with like minded individuals is a sure fire way to gain hints and tips as well as clients and grow your business.

Find out how to attend conferences or other business events in your area, your industry, and even in related industries. And consider becoming a speaker—you’ve got expertise that can help others, so share it! This is a strategy many business owners neglect, but it’s a great tool for building your business.


You can believe in every product and/or service your company provides. You won’t be half-heartedly pushing the ideas from someone else’s dream, because you’re selling your own. Being an entrepreneur also gives you the chance to stand up for what you believe in and spread the word.

Repeat Customers

The time-honored “Sales 101” strategy of business is solving a problem for someone, or a company. You’ll enjoy success when you give people what they want or what they need to get over a hurdle. People want to do business with people that help them. Plus, it’s a great feeling when you receive an email or phone call from someone that took time out of his or her day to let you know that your business impacted them in a positive way.

No Layoffs

There is always the fear of layoffs and terminations when you’re working for someone else’s company. Apart from that, the fear of being fired always looms when a company is focused on dollar signs, which can make working seem more like a punishment rather than a source of joy. As an entrepreneur, however, you can lay such fears to rest because you’re working for yourself.

You have dozens of reasons to start your own business as an entrepreneur, and the list above comprises only a small section. Nevertheless, it certainly contains the most popular reasons. Take your time to consider which of them appeals the most to you.

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